This page provides links to PDF versions of a number of lengthier documents related to classes which are taught as part of the Professional Director Training program here at Ohio University, as well as some other documents you might find useful in relation to your work in the theater.  Enjoy!

Realism Project Guidelines and Focus   In the first year of the PDTP training, focus in the spring semester lands on the Realism Project production.  Here are the basic guidelines for that project.

PDTP Unofficial Handbook and Guidelines  These are not binding rules as much as they are helpful guidelines to assist graduate directors in negotiating the first few semesters of their training.

Etiquette for Theater Artists   Here are some do’s and don’ts that we have talked about over the years that should help make living and working in the theater a slightly more civilized experience.  As you can imagine, this is an ever-developing document and we always appreciate feedback and new insights into good behavior in the theater world.

Student Accomplishments and Placement   This is a long list of the many successes our graduate directors have achieved, both during their time here in Athens and post-graduation.

Top Ten Reasons for Getting Your Directing MFA at Ohio University   A brief summary of some of the best reasons why training in the Theater Division at Ohio University is a superior choice.

MFA Directing Program Production History   I think this is a helpful listing of which shows the graduate directors have produced in the recent past — it includes Realism Projects, Style Projects, and main stage Thesis Productions.

Stage Directing — A Timeline   I put this together some years back to give an outline history of important and influential directors and choreographers from the earliest days up through the modern era.

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Books on Directing for the Stage and Stage Directors   This is a beast to keep updated, but I’ve done my best to include every single book that is relevant to the art and craft of directing, as well as biographical and critical studies of individual directors.  In addition, I’ve thrown in some volumes on acting, voice, movement, improvisation, dramaturgy, and devising.

The Tools, Part One – Speaking the Verse   It’s taken me a few years to create documents that are helpful in the study of Shakespeare’s verse.  Here is the first part, dealing mostly with how we speak these extraordinary words.

The Tools, Part Two – Rhetorical Devices List   And here is a second document focused primarily on rhetoric and the myriad of rhetorical terms that scare the hell out of all of us.

Shakespeare Resources – Books  This document covers the various editions of Shakespeare’s plays (complete works as well as series such as the Arden, Oxford, Everyman, etc.). Plus there are sections on acting Shakespeare, reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, the Sonnets, etc.

Shakespeare on Film, Video & Stage   As you can tell, this list has been in development for years, and expresses my interest in sharing with you all of the films and videos of Shakespeare plays that have been created since the days of silent film.

Shakespeare on Audio   Audio versions of Shakespeare have not received a tremendous amount of critical attention over the years, but I think it’s a fascinating sub-culture.  This list is in its early stages, and will be expanding in the future, but here are the basics.

Shakespeare Editions and Editors   A brief look at the First Folio, subsequent editions of the Folio, and the history of important editors and editions of Shakespeare’s works.  Again, this document is incomplete and ever changing.

Epics and Period Costume Films  If you’re looking for film resources relating to a specific period in history, this should provide you with many hours of helpful material.  Taken from a much larger (and scarier) list of world cinema that I’ve been working on for the past decade.  Don’t ask.

Greek Drama Resources   I created this document for the first semester of Period Style and the Director, since our primary focus in that class is the Greeks.

Sound Design — Music Resources   Here’s a capsule summary of some of the best music for sound designers, as well as just a fun compilation of musical artists for when you’re looking for something new to listen to.

Sound Design Resources — Books for Research   Looking to build your music collection?  These books will help you in your search for great music, whether it be classical, jazz, rock and roll, hip-hop, or elevator muzak.

Sound Design — Internet Resources   Here is a brief summary of some of the best internet resources for music and sound design.  I’m sure this barely breaks the surface of possibilities for what’s on the web.

PDTP Reading List, Part 1 – 100 Essential Plays  If you want to develop a good, basic understanding of world dramatic literature, begin with these 100 plays.  Every well-educated person should know these plays, and there’s certainly no excuse for any professional director not to be intimately familiar with each and every one of them.

PDTP Reading List, Part 2 – 100 Great Plays You Probably Haven’t Read, But Should  Here’s a fun list of slightly more obscure plays that you may or may not be familiar with.  If you’d like to get slightly off the beaten path, check out some of the titles on this list.

PDTP Reading List, Part 3 – Books and Periodicals  This list of books provides a basic library of about forty books on directing, acting, Shakespeare and dramatic theory.  Just the basics.

PDTP Reading List, Part 4 – The Compact Play List  I plan to do a much more comprehensive list of plays in the coming academic year, but here’s a list of 475 plays to get your engines running.  (Please overlook the fact that the past 10-15 years are seriously neglected.  An update really is coming soon!)